AGBs & house rules

To / Departure
CHECK-IN: 15 o’clock … earlier check-in is possible on request, no guest checks out before
CHECK-OUT: 10 o’clock … later check-out is possible on request

Cleaning and Service
– Fresh towels and bed linen on arrival.
– All furniture and furnishings must be returned to their original place.
– Dishes are washed, dried and put back in the cupboards.
– The apartment must be left swept clean.

Non-smoker apartment
– Smoking is not allowed in the entire apartment or in the staircase.

Number of persons
– Only rarely should persons stay overnight in the apartment. On arrival all persons have to be registered.
– Further guests, who are in the apartment after 01:00 o’clock, are to be announced and are settled by the landlord.
– Parties, events and other events in the apartment are not permitted.

Must be reported to the landlord immediately.
The tenant is liable for all damages. Damaged, lost or destroyed inventory will be charged at the replacement price.
The landlord is not liable for valuables of the tenant.

keys and loss of keys
The keys are not to pass on an outside standing. The reproduction of the keys is forbidden. The tenant is required to close the replacement costs (locking system).
The tenant must personally hand over all keys to the landlord at the end of the rental period.

Care obligation
Out of consideration for our neighbours we bite all guests not to make any noise in the hallway.
The guest has to carry and use the rented property.
The front door of the house must always be closed.
Windows and patio doors must be closed when leaving the house.
Please always remember to close the slanted roof windows before leaving the apartment.

Night rest
Night rest in the time from 22:00 to 6:00 o’clock.

WLAN and Internet use
For that over the data communication network (W). If the Guest visits paid Internet pages or enters into obligations, these shall be borne by him.

When using the (W) LAN, the Guest is obliged to comply with the applicable law. He will
– the (W) LAN neither to retrieve nor disseminate immoral or illegal content of the
– no copyrighted goods
– the provisions in force concerning the protection of minors
– not send or distribute any harassing, defamatory or threatening content,
– use the (W) LAN to send mass messages (spam) and/or other forms of inadmissible advertising.

The Guest represents the owner of Friedenstraße 85, which is based on an illegal use. This extends to available costs and expenses in connection with the claim against BZW. their defense. The rights of the living or the dwelling or the dwelling show that this dwelling lies in the proximity of the building.